What’s The Fuss With Vinyl Flooring?

I’ll bet your mind jumped back to the 1960s when you read the words ‘vinyl flooring,’ but things are a little different nowadays. Vinyl flooring is no longer the tacky-looking tiles we all remember from our childhoods. Vinyl flooring is now available in gorgeous designs, mimicking both tiles and … [Read more...]

Why And How To Waterproof

The roof you’re sitting under right now is protecting you from many things, with rain being one of the biggest. All South Africans can appreciate the raw power of a Joburg thunderstorm or soft drizzle of the Western Cape winter rain, but that same raw power can bring down hundreds of litres of water … [Read more...]

DIY For Dad – Father’s Day DIY Ideas

The month of June is great for dads because they all deserve to be spoiled on Father’s Day. After all, dads are around when you need a hug, a cup of tea, a laugh, and even a little bit of DIY help! Some of us are lucky to have our dads just around the corner, while others are a phone call away. To … [Read more...]

The Essential Super Powers Every Super Dad Needs!

From cordless power drills to cross and line laser beams, we explore the various super powers of the DIY Dad! As a super dad, you need your super power tools on hand and ready for when those DIY emergencies arise, like building your baby’s first crib or hanging your daughter’s selfies on the wall. … [Read more...]

Get Yourself Into A Sticky Situation!

Normally you’d be getting yourself out of a sticky situation, but at Jack’s we like to get our hands dirty from time to time. And, what better way to do that than to have some fun with glue? We’ve got some cool tips and tricks to keep you busy this weekend. Spice up your washing basket with rope … [Read more...]

Getting into green DIY this Earth Day.

Going Green is more than just a trend, it is a responsibility. This Earth Day, we have the responsibility to share our love for green DIY with you. Here are some of our favourite green DIY blogs for you to follow to get your greening on track. 1. The Green DIY Dream Founded in 2011, Dream … [Read more...]

DIY Do’s and Don’ts for Pregnant Women

Moms-to-be usually find themselves eager to tackle DIY projects. Whether it is painting the new arrival’s bedroom or installing some handy shelves for nappies, baby lotions and potions; there is often lots of DIY to be done before the 9 months are up. If you’re pregnant and you’ve been bitten by … [Read more...]

Sparkle or Glitter Paint

Sparkle or glitter Paint is a wonderful special effect paint to use if you are looking to really brighten up a room. All that you need is a fairy godmother-like flick of your magical paintbrush and you will have a fun, sparkly effect right at your fingertips. What is Sparkle Paint? Sparkle paint … [Read more...]

Breathe New Life into your old Treasures

Jack’s Refurbishing and Reupholstering Tips There is no right or wrong time to reupholster or refurbish your favourite piece of furniture. Many of us live with furniture that shows the wear and tear of daily living and, as it gets older, we wonder whether to repair or simply replace it. Why … [Read more...]

Prettifying Front Doorways

Remember that house on your street with the cute red door? Of course you do! There’s nothing more memorable than a prettified front door. After all, it can often be the only distinguishing factor between your house and all of the other ones that look just like it. Breathe some new life into your … [Read more...]