Tidy Up Your Toolbox

Have your tools been piled haphazardly onto surfaces in your garage? Or are they neatly packed away in a toolbox under your sink in a jumble of ‘what-does-this-one-even-do?’ Even if you have your tools nicely packed into a toolbox, it always seems to be nearly impossible to find what you need … [Read more...]

Sandpaper – A Guide for Beginners

Just about every DIY or craft project requires some kind of sandpaper. But what is sandpaper and how do you know what kind to use for what application? The Different Forms that Sandpaper come in Although the most familiar types of sandpaper are probably the individual sheets of paper with … [Read more...]

Hardware Supplies

Here at Jack's Paint & Hardware we're not only paint specialists but also stockists of a large assortment of hardware supplies. A workman is only as good as his tools, so we make sure our Jack's Paint & Hardware stores stock only the best hardware supplies.   Plumbing … [Read more...]

Homeowners DIY Tips

Tips from experienced DIY experts are always worth taking note of. These people have “been there, done that” and know what they’re talking about. At the end of the day, paying attention to them can save you time, aggravation and money. . And while we’re on the subject, here are a few sure-fire tips … [Read more...]

Skil’s new Torro Multi-Drill.

Torro Multi-Drill from Skil Today's most common D.I.Y task is probably the need to drill a hole in the wall – simply to hang up a picture, mount curtain rails or install a shelf. As simple as this request may sound this task has resulted in many a domestic war taking place. A few variables need … [Read more...]

Hamilton’s Earthwise Paint Brushes.

Hamilton’s Earthwise Paint Brushes. Hamilton Brush is a leading South African manufacturer of paintbrushes, paint rollers and associated products. They have successfully carried out their vision to begin contributing towards minimising the negative impact that D.I.Y waste can have on our planet. … [Read more...]

Bostik-Silicone Tool

  Bostik Silicone Tool. If you have every done a D.I.Y. job that involves working with silicone and you have ended up with sticky, gooey hands and wobbly silicone borders – the Bostik Professional Silicone Tool will be the answer to all your silicone application problems. This versatile … [Read more...]

Protect your Paintbrushes

Protect your Paintbrushes. Good quality paintbrushes with longer lasting natural bristles give a smooth, professional finish to your work but are more expensive than the cheap and nasty brushes that shed more than your cat. Once you have invested in a set of top quality brushes a few simple … [Read more...]

Types of drills and drill bits

Different Types of Drills. One of the most important tools in any self respecting handyman’s collection, the drill is invaluable for maintenance and repair tasks around the home. Principally used for boring holes into all kinds of materials, the electric drill can also be used for other tasks … [Read more...]

Different Kinds of Hammers Available.

What is a hammer? A hammer is a tool meant to deliver an impact to an object and is possibly the oldest tool for which specific proof exists. Stones were being used as hammers during the Stone Age! The most common use for the household hammer is to drive in nails, forge metal and break up objects. … [Read more...]