Painting Advice: Colour and Design Principles

colour swatch

Giving your house a new coat of paint will lift your spirits. It’ll feel like you’ve been given a new lease on life. Not only that, but painting a house can add immense value to it (think of the property market). So it is definitely a good idea to paint your place before putting it on the market. … [Read more...]

Helping You Understand the Meanings of Different Decorating Terms and Painting Techniques


After reading the brief explanations below you will have a clearer understanding of what these commonly used decorating terms mean when you next page through a DIY magazine looking for inspiration.     Colour washing - this painting technique uses diluted paint, resulting in a … [Read more...]

All About Blinds

Roman Blinds

All About Blinds Windows are the eyes of your home, and tatty-looking windows with worn-out curtains or plain features can really give off an overall drab look. You’ll be surprised to see how a few hardware supplies and some beautiful blinds can transform a room. Are you looking for an … [Read more...]

Stunning Statement Walls


Stunning Statement Walls Everyone’s talking about statement walls. They are a much easier way in which to make a bold change in your home without drastically changing an entire colour scheme. In addition to this, a statement wall is a great way in which to fill up an otherwise bare space … [Read more...]

Painting Advice: Lovely Lace Stencilling

Lace stencilling

Painting Advice: Lovely Lace Stencilling Lace has long been hailed as a luxurious, feminine openwork fabric. Delicate lace speaks of femininity, vintage eras gone by and dainty chic patterns that allude to sophistication. You needn’t only use intricate lace to adorn your windows, beddings and … [Read more...]

DIY Advice: Children’s Bedrooms


Children love their bedrooms, it is the place where they play, sleep and entertain their friends, real and imaginary. Whether you’re sprucing up your tot’s room, or preparing a nursery for your impending new arrival, we have some great DIY tips and painting advice to help you turn their room into … [Read more...]

DIY Advice – How to Create More Storage Space in your Kitchen


They don’t call the kitchen ‘The Heart of the Home’ for nothing. Chances are you and your loved ones spend a lot of time in this space, cooking up delicious meals and relishing late night snacks around the fridge. Unfortunately, many modern apartments and living spaces compromise on kitchen space, … [Read more...]

Painting Advice for Your Bathroom


Our bathrooms take quite a knock as they are the most moisture-intensive room in the house. From hot baths to steaming showers, the bathroom is subject to vast amounts of condensation which means that the paint job in your bathroom needs to be failsafe. Painting advice is priceless when it comes … [Read more...]

Painting over Ceramic Tiles

painting ceramic tiles

We all remember the horrible avocado greens and burnt oranges that so many kitchens and bathrooms in the 1970’s were adorned with. Dated or unattractive bathroom tiles are common in older homes and are expensive to remove. A good DIY solution is to mask the colour of these tiles with paint. With the … [Read more...]

Great garage floors – Do it yourself


As we get into the swing of spring we are all giving our homes a “spring clean”. Let us not forget, however, that the garage is also a part of our home. In fact, if you consider all the other purposes it can serve, other than simply storing the family car, you'll realise that it's actually an … [Read more...]