Simple and Cost-effective Decorative Painting Tips


Painting your home gives it a refreshing new look that is not as easily achieved by other decorative measures. However, in addition to giving your home its new paint makeover, you can also spice things up with some interesting and beautiful decorative paint techniques. There are many looks you can … [Read more...]

Painting Tips for a Nursery


There are few things more exciting than painting and redecorating a room purely for the arrival of a new family member. Expectant parents will spend hours browsing through colour palettes, pictures of nurseries and reading up on all the various nursery decorating ideas. Naturally, most parents will … [Read more...]

Background Paint Colour and your Artworks

artwork enhanced

Background Paint Colour and your Artworks Selecting artwork for your home can be a labour of love. Whether it's an original painting or drawing, a mass-produced print or a wonderful photograph, your art helps to tell a story and define your style.   Painting Your Walls to Compliment … [Read more...]

Rust- oleum Glow in the Dark Paint.

Glow in the dark

Rust-oleum Glow in the Dark Paint. You can use Rust-oleum Glow in the Dark paint on wood, plaster, masonry and metal. Use it to paint doors, walls, light switches, toy boxes and storage containers. Have fun, use it in any room of the house - but remember not to use it outside. Once your … [Read more...]

Paint Techniques – Paint & Tape


Using Paint and Tape to add Style to your Home One of the easiest ways to add style to your walls or furniture is by using paint and tape to create a simple, striped pattern. The elegant look of wallpaper can easily be re-created with these simple materials, some time and a DIY … [Read more...]

Magnetic Paint

Magnetic Paint

  Specialty Paints With all the wonderful advances in paint technology over the years, you now have a huge range of specialty paints available to you to have fun with. Blackboard paint, Sparkle paint, Magnetic paint and Glow-in-the-dark paint are only a few of the amazing and fun … [Read more...]

Painting Techniques – Stippling


The soft-texture sense of depth, achieved by stippling your walls, lends an elegant and sophisticated  look to your home. Stippling is one of the painting effects that work well to disguise imperfections on rough walls. This is also a painting technique that’s most commonly used when working with … [Read more...]

Painting Techniques – Graining


Graining is a painting technique that’s used to imitate a wood grain on any non-wood surface. It’s often used to imitate hard, expensive and rare woods by applying a superficial layer of paint onto soft or inexpensive woods and is one of the most popular paint effects. The idea of painting faux … [Read more...]

Painting Techniques – Colour Washing


Colour washing gives the paint on your walls a softly worn plaster-like finish. This painting effect creates a soft, faded country look and can also be used to disguise uneven walls. Start by priming and painting your wall as you normally would. You will need to purchase a finishing glaze but unless … [Read more...]

Painting Techniques – Textured Paint

textured wall

The use of textured paint is a relatively inexpensive and straightforward method of adding a desired texture to a wall or ceiling. Although it won’t be able to cover up significant imperfections, it’s one of the painting techniques that work exceptionally well to cover smaller flaws. This paint … [Read more...]