What’s the Primary Colour Of Love?

Since February has rolled in, you've probably started noticing how everything you see seems to come in shades of red and pink. Dependent on your culture, red and pink are probably colours that represent passion, love, or lust. This non-verbal communication is probably something you haven’t ever … [Read more...]

Celebrating Colour – Blue

Enticing and calming, the colour blue leaves us with some of our earliest memories learning things at an early age like the sky is blue and is specific to the male gender. But the colour also has a deeper psychological meaning. Blue is said to be the most conducive to a good night's sleep. … [Read more...]

Celebrating Colour – Yellow

A Confident and joyful colour, yellow has the power to brighten up your day. From canary yellow to mustard yellow, we explore the meaning behind this diverse and gleeful colour. Yellow is the symbol of the mind and intellect. It represents the power of thought and stimulates mental … [Read more...]

Celebrating Colour – Orange

Picture this: you are basking in the beautiful, orange light of a beach sunset. The air cool on your skin and everything around you is illuminated. You are feeling energised and at peace. Why? ORANGE. A colour that lies midway between the red and the yellow ray, and therefore, influences both … [Read more...]

Celebrating colour – What’s your favourite colour?

What’s Your Favourite Colour? This is a question you’ve been asked all your life and, as humans do, you’ve probably changed your mind a fair few times. But, have you ever put any more thought into just why blue is your favourite colour? Or why that particular shade of green seems to put your mind … [Read more...]

The Psychology of Colour

There’s more to colour than meets the eye – literally. Sure, you absolutely love that hue of blue, but did you know that it has a very specific effect on you psychologically? Colours are proven to be a highly effective form of non-verbal communication, invoking different emotions and even … [Read more...]

Why You Should Buy Eco-Friendly Paint

  Why You Should Buy Eco-Friendly Paint The protection and beautification of our built environment is what the painting industry is fundamentally based on. The problem is that paints and varnishes are often made of chemicals that are potentially detrimental to both humans and the environment. … [Read more...]

Paint and Our Environment

Buying too much paint for the job Studies show that between 10% and 15% of paint bought by homeowners, will remain unused once the paint job has been completed. Just check our garages and storage sheds. How much of the excess paint ends up either in these storerooms or thrown in the garbage? Most … [Read more...]

Painting Advice: Colour and Design Principles

Giving your house a new coat of paint will lift your spirits. It’ll feel like you’ve been given a new lease on life. Not only that, but painting a house can add immense value to it (think of the property market). So it is definitely a good idea to paint your place before putting it on the market. … [Read more...]

Painting Advice: Use Neutral Paint Colours with a Purpose

Neutrals are not just a safe option The Panache Vinyl Silk and Earth Finish Paint Colour ranges  offer a number of neutral colour options to choose from that will work perfectly in your home. Neutral paint colours, as seen on the Panache Colour Studio Display in all Jack’s Paint & Hardware … [Read more...]