Neutral Paint Colours for your home

Panache’s Vinyl Silk and Earth Finish Paint Colours offer a number of neutral colour options to choose from. Neutral colours, as seen on the Panache Colour Studio Display in all Jack’s Paint & Hardware stores, can be used in any design scheme. They’re believed to be timeless and classic, providing the ideal backdrop to add a touch of your desired painting technique to any design scheme. For this reason, neutrals are at times classified as being elegant and easy to live with as they ideally would not clash with any given colour. A cautionary word of advice, however, is that neutral paint colours should always be used with specific intent rather than as an excuse to ‘play it safe’.

Painting a Room with Neutral Colours

Painting a room with soft neutral paint colours is known to make a small room appear more open and spacious. Use of deeper neutrals in a spacious room, however,  makes the space appear warm, inviting and cosy. It is recommended that if a design scheme is being considered in neutral colours, varying intensities of the chosen colours should be applied to avoid a monotonous and bland neutral colour finish within the space.

Livening Up a Room with Paint

For rooms that are already suffering the above described ‘bland’ effects, why not consider using some colour to liven up your neutral spaces. Use colourful accents as feature walls or to accentuate architectural features of interest in a predominantly neutral-coloured design scheme.

Preparing to Paint

If you’re planning on doing it yourself, remember that all the surfaces you want to paint should however be cleaned beforehand, using Liquid Sugar Soap (which will remove dirt, grime and stains). Flash Harry Wonderfill should be used to fill any visible cracks and dents to ensure a smooth paint finish. Flakes and irregularities of old paint on the walls should be scraped whilst all bare surfaces must be primed with Panache’s Pigmented Plaster Primer. Please note that if considering to convert a dark coloured room into a neutral hue, then the walls must be adequately primed to ensure that the dominantly darker colours are covered well enough before light coloured paints are applied. This will ensure accurate colour rendering of the softer neutral tones chosen. All glossy surfaces should be sanded down to provide good adhesion for both Panache Universal Undercoat and the final two coats of Panache’s Vinyl Silk or Colour Studio Colour Ranges.

Remember Panache products have been specifically created to suit our South African climate.

All Panache products mentioned in this article are available exclusively at all Jack’s Paint & Hardware stores nationwide.

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