Warm Winter Colours

warm winter coloursDuring winter we all try to keep ourselves snug and cosy to shield ourselves from the chills of the season. Are you however aware that paint colours can be radically employed to radiate that much needed sense of warmth to your home?

Which colours are warm colours?

Warm colours, namely red, orange and yellow hues on your colour wheel are classified as warm because of their association with glowing fires, as well as the classic warmth of both the rising and setting sun. Several other colours are derived from the above mentioned hues; these include but are not limited to warm browns, rusty colours, terracottas, burgundies, ochres, mustards, bronzes and rich coppers. They all fall under the warm range as they are merely deeper shades of the basic warm colours mentioned above. The Panache Colour Studio Display exclusive to all Jacks Paint & Hardware stores nationwide provides a visual feast for you to view and choose these warm and deep winter colour ranges . The Panache Vinyl Silk and Vinyl Matt Standard Colour Ranges as well as the Panache Earth Finish colour cards showcase some of these warm colour ranges.

Warm Colours and the effect it has on your living area space

Smaller Areas

Do bear in mind however that by making reference to the red, orange and yellow hues above we are by no means making any suggestion that you set out to paint your home in the extreme intensities of any such colours and their derivatives. Such a harsh and uncalculated use of colours intensity can create environments that are over stimulating and visually straining to the eye. The colours above-mentioned should be used in mid-tone to slightly deep colour ranges only after a very careful analysis of the room’s dimensions and the amount of light it receives. If the room is small and lacks the illumination of both natural and artificial light, then stay away from these extreme colour intensities as their premature usage will only create an overwhelming sense of optical claustrophobia within the given space.

Please be advised that apart from conjuring a sense of warmth and creating an alluring atmosphere, warm and deep colours often create optical illusions that we may or may not be aware of. These colours are known to create a sense of advancement, which means that such colours can be intelligently used to disguise certain proportions within your living space that somewhat appear awkward. In a long and narrow room these proportions can be downplayed by applying a warm and dark advancing colour to either one or both ends of the walls.

Larger Areas 

For those who have large enough spaces to add an air of sophistication with colour, why not consider creating a focal/font wall in your environment? Warm and deep colours can be creatively used to give the room a sense of character and help you break away from the monotony of those stark neutrals that have dressed up your walls for long enough. Even a single wall, adorned in a rich and warm colour can add a touch of opulence to your mood and help energise you this winter. Ensure that you always conduct a sample brush-out of the chosen colour on a small section of the wall before painting the entire surface.

If painting seems somewhat tedious this season, then why not add an accent of warm colours to your living spaces through soft furnishings and accessories in the rich warm colours of the season above mentioned? This is certainly guaranteed to add a lift to your interiors and your psychological state.


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