Bathroom Shelf’s

Making use of every space in small bathrooms is essential. And so in every bathroom we always look for places to put our everyday used items and so bathroom shelfs are always welcome as they are out of the eye, yet nicely stacked they bring uniqueness.  So why not paint them…

With everyday items stacked on these shelfs #Panache water based enamel is the perfect coating for wash ability as well as durability. When we choose paint colours we should also consider the finish we want to use as this could also affect our colour in can. When using bright colours on smaller shelfs they could seem brighter when used on a lighter background.  This al is important in what we are using the shelfs for especially if we are using it for everyday items that we want to blend into the wall instead of stand out, but if we are using it for décor purposes then bright colours are a good choice.

You will require:

Old:  Panache universal undercoat white

New: Panache Wood primer white

Panache High gloss enamel Water based (choice of colour)

Scotch-bride pad

Sugar soap


Drop sheet



Why Water based High Gloss:

Water-based Enamel is Non-Yellowing with a luxurious gloss finish, ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, trims, doors and window frames that does not chalk or yellow over time. It is safe to the environment as it does not contain lead and has a very low Volatile organic compound.(VOC) The beneficial characteristics of such paints include low odour, clean air, and safer technology, as well as excellent durability and a washable finish.

Happy Painting!