Bostik Bling Bitz

For parents around the country weekends, rainy days and holidays all have one thing in common: youngsters with complaints of being bored, looking for something to do. Now, with all the exciting products in the Bostik range of Art and Crafts supplies, boredom will be a thing of the past!

Bostik Bling Bitz is a clever, wheel shaped container that has 8 different types of sequins and colourful, glitzy shapes with a tub of clear-drying glue at the centre of the wheel. This product is non flammable and non toxic and once your project is finished little hands can be easily cleaned with water.

Some tips on making glittering gifts

The glue adheres well to coated paper, uncoated paper, plastic, glass, fabric, metal, and board. Experiment with different ideas and designs. A Christmas tree covered in glittering baubles will make a pretty card or glue some sparkle to a candle before wrapping it up as a gift. Let the children design and decorate a sign for their bedroom door or even let them make their own individual party invitations. Inexpensive gift boxes can be personalized with glitter and sequins to make the perfect package. Old picture frames can be given a new lease on life with a fresh coat of paint and some bling. We can all do with a bit of glamour in our lives so get creative and have fun!

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