Celebrating Colour – Blue

Enticing and calming, the colour blue leaves us with some of our earliest memories learning things at an early age like the sky is blue and is specific to the male gender. But the colour also has a deeper psychological meaning.

Blue is said to be the most conducive to a good night’s sleep. Blue creates a sensation of space, and because of this it is said to be a cold colour. A paper to be presented at the Annual Colour Conference in Thailand in 2004 had subjects in a red and a blue room with the thermostat turned down in the same increments and all subjects found that they perceived the blue room to be colder sooner than the red room!

The actual temperature, however, is not influenced by the colour itself. Blue is a colour, which slows things down and gives the impression of expansion. Because of this, a room painted in this colour will appear to be much larger.

If however, you have a problem waking up! Yellow (Y10R TO Y30R) would be the colour to use in your room to best simulate the happy feeling of the early morning sun.