Celebrating Colour – Orange

Picture this: you are basking in the beautiful, orange light of a beach sunset. The air cool on your skin and everything around you is illuminated. You are feeling energised and at peace. Why? ORANGE. A colour that lies midway between the red and the yellow ray, and therefore, influences both physical vitality and intellect.

Vibrant and bright, orange is the symbol of feminine energy, the energy of creation. It is more gentle than the dynamic, masculine energy of red but its energy is complementary to the red energy. It is, therefore, important that these two colours should work in harmony.

Orange is the colour of joy and happiness and enables us to create a balance between our physical and mental bodies. It gives freedom to thoughts and feelings, and disperses heaviness, allowing the body natural, joyful movements.

“Orange is an appetite stimulant, and is seen as a universal healer that can counteract depression and humorlessness (Vernolia, 1988).”

Orange brings about changes in the biochemical structure, resulting in the dispersing of depression. This makes it a good colour to use with people who are manic-depressive or suicidal.

It is also been found to have wonderful pain reducing properties, so reach for the orange t-shirt before you take that headache tablet!

Written by: Lisa Taylor, NCS South Africa.