Celebrating colour – What’s your favourite colour?

What’s Your Favourite Colour?

This is a question you’ve been asked all your life and, as humans do, you’ve probably changed your mind a fair few times. But, have you ever put any more thought into just why blue is your favourite colour? Or why that particular shade of green seems to put your mind at ease? The answer, of course, lies in your mind.

Colours can affect every aspect of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Red may make you feel on-edge or energised, while yellow can make you feel anxious, and blue can calm you down. There’s a reason that the rooms of your doctor are never splashed in warm colours like red or orange, but rather soft, soothing pastels like blue and green. Welcome to the psychology of colour.

Think of black– I’m sure it brings to memory periods of mourning or menace; quite the opposite to what the Ancient Egyptians thought black represented: life and rebirth. While you’re reading this, try not to be swayed by what you have been exposed to culturally, but rather how these colours affect you. The fashion world idolises black, and perhaps always will, as it is seen as a colour that looks good on everyone. But, ask a fashionista for a few tips on looking powerful the next time you walk into a business meeting, and they’ll suggest an item of clothing drenched in red. Why, you may ask? Red is both an exciting colour and an aggressive one; it evokes strong emotions, and so, makes the wearer seem more powerful. Are you rethinking your wardrobe choices yet?

On the other hand, we have blue, a colour that we are exposed to in abundance. The minute you set foot outside you’re met with blue skies; a day on the beach features both blue skies and an incredible expanse of blue sea. How do you feel? Calm? That’s the point. We can’t deny that nature provides us with what we need to maintain our sanity. On par with blue, green evokes feelings of peace and balance. As a child, weren’t your favourite moments spent outside, playing in the grass?

Colour psychology also suggests that people work better in spaces specifically designed to make them work better. Walk into an accounting firm and take a look around: white, black, grey, and the occasional hint of brown. Now, walk into an advertising agency: RED, BLUE, GREEN, PINK, YELLOW… You get the point.

When it take it down to bare bones, yes, colour has an effect on you psychologically, but just remember that not everyone’s minds are wired the same way.

Stay tuned weekly, as we break down the meaning of each primary colour this month.