Choosing Colours

Choosing colours…

When we try and combine colours we always find it hard to do, but we will show you how easy it can be:

A complementary / Contrasting combination:

Complementary colours are on the opposite side of each other on the colour wheel, they create a vivid yet energizing effect, especially when used at maximum saturation.

A split complementary / Contrasting combination:

This is colours used from opposite each other on the colour wheel while using different saturation of each colour. Creating a calmer combination.

A triad combination:

A triad combination is a combination of three colours from the colour wheel in the form of a triangle, when placed next to each other they produce a high contrasting effect but still preserve harmony. This combination will seem vibrant even when using pale unsaturated colours.

An Analogous combination:

This is when we use two or three colours from the same side of the colour wheel. Creating a calming yet likeable impression. This could be light or dark colours of the same saturation.

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