The Brand


Founded by the late Jack Cohen, Jack’s Paint & Hardware was established in 1943.

Hard-working and focused, Jack originally worked as a paint consultant for a major paint manufacturer, and through his training and years of experience he decided to open his own store. His decision to offer his community quality service, affordable paint, and advice, led to the establishment of the philosophy that underpins Jack’s Paint today. 


Then tragedy struck in May of 1971. Jack Cohen, father of Martin Cohen, sadly passed away. Martin had to take-over his father’s legacy. At the age of 21, Martin took the reigns of Jack’s Paint passionately. The community Martin and his employees  served replied with overwhelming support and helped Jack’s Paint flourish into the group of stores we are today.


Martin Cohen is the dynamo of Jack’s Paint & Hardware because he provides the strategic and long-term vision for the group and through his hard work and energy Jack’s continues to grow and provide each community with their Jack’s Paint & Hardware.


In 1987, Martin decided to partner up with now-MD, Gerhard Waldauer. Little did he know that this decision would propel Jack’s Paint far into a future filled with success and prosperity. Gerhard Waldauer is the epitome of directorship. He has worked for years growing and nurturing the Jack’s Paint & Hardware business relationship with suppliers and future Jack’s Paint & Hardware retailers. By applying his vision, Jack’s Paints & Hardware has been able to grow in leaps and bounds.


As the experts in paint, the next step for Jack’s Paint & Hardware was naturally to create and manufacture our very own supreme paint brand with an array of quality products, all exclusive to Jack’s Paint & Hardware stores.




Fast-forward to 2017 and we have over 130 stores nationwide and growing.



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