The Business Model


The Jack’s Paint & Hardware The Business Model

The Franchise Philosophy

Jack’s Paint & Hardware prides itself on the following tenets:

  • Mutually beneficial relationships – between us and our franchisees as well as between the Jack’s group and our suppliers
  • Adherence to high standards of operational excellence
  • Network-wide consistency
  • Maintenance of brand integrity
  • Ongoing support and cooperation
  • Shared principles – mutual respect, trust and business passion


Business Model

The following are key elements of the Jack’s Paint & Hardware business model:

  • Access to the best prices for paint and hardware
  • High-level technical support from suppliers
  • Active participation in strategic planning
  • Interior design of store and merchandising
  • FREE product training through suppliers
  • Training in-house at the Jack’s Paint & Hardware Training Academy
  • Frequent board visits and support
  • Media exposure in various radio, TV and print media
  • Premium price purchases of goods because of bulk orders
  • Co-operation between stores to supply goods to your customers
  • A top quality in-house paint product, Panache Professional
  • Access to the best industry rebates



The Business Format and Site Requirements

It is generally the franchisee’s responsibility to source suitable premises for a proposed Jack’s Paint & Hardware store but the final approval of the site rests with the franchisor. Jack’s Paint & Hardware use an assessment tool to assess the suitability of sites. Jack’s Paint & Hardware makes use of the services of Investment Decision Partners (Pty) Ltd to assist with site assessment and approval.

Stores can range in size from anywhere between a minimum of 250m² (two hundred and fifty square metres) to 550+m² (five hundred and fifty square metres or more). Sites are assessed by the franchisor to ensure that the shell meets with the requirements and will compile a list for the franchisee regarding wet work, electrical, plumbing requirements etc. that must be done. With regards to conversion sites, the franchisor will assess any size site as possible locations for the Jack’s Paint & Hardware outlet and will also consider the potential of the site before making a final decision.

When looking for suitable locations, franchisees should bear the following guidelines in mind regarding the site:


  • High visibility
  • Location in respect of strip malls and/or shopping centres – in these potential sites access and egress is vitally important
  • The site should be easily accessible from a main road/s with a low-speed limit
  • The site in relation to other major chain stores
  • The site in relation to complementary businesses such as other DIY offerings (preferably non-competing)
  • Favourable traffic routes
  • The proximity to office blocks and other workplaces such as factories, schools, etc.
  • Adequate parking facilities
  • New / developing shopping centres

The new franchisee is required to enter into the lease agreement with the landlord and pay the necessary deposits. Jack’s Paint & Hardware will, however, assist the prospective franchisee with lease negotiations in the event of a new operation being considered.

Strategic alliances and memberships



Jack’s Paint & Hardware was (yet again) awarded the Readers’ Choice Award in both the Pretoria News and The Star newspapers for Best Paint Shop 2017. In fact, this is a title we’ve successfully held for the last twelve years.

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