Furniture Stencilling

Paint is easily one of the best ways in which to give a room or piece of furniture a dramatic makeover – a simple lick of new colour and you have a whole new look! So maybe you’ve found that perfect colour, got your tins at your local paint and hardware store and have finished your project. Now you still have some of that pretty colour leftover. It seems such a shame to leave the last dregs to waste away in the garage, right? Luckily, with a bit of creativity and these ideas, you can put leftover paint to good use.

Furniture stencilling
This works great for any piece of furniture. Just remember to gauge how much paint you will need for the project. For example, if you have a smidge of paint left, it would probably be better to stencil a lamp or vase. If you have quite a bit left, give a dresser, bookshelf or headboard a new lease on life! If you’re uncertain as to how much paint you are going to need for your chosen piece of furniture, you can use our paint calculator. Now for the how to!

  • Choose your piece of furniture. If wood, sand it down. If another material, be sure to clean it thoroughly.
  • Choose a stencil pattern of your choice; you can even use lace as a stencil base.
  • Get painting and enjoy your pretty new pattern!