Getting into green DIY this Earth Day.

Going Green is more than just a trend, it is a responsibility. This Earth Day, we have the responsibility to share our love for green DIY with you. Here are some of our favourite green DIY blogs for you to follow to get your greening on track.

1. The Green DIY Dream

Founded in 2011, Dream Green DIY by Carrie Waller is a lifestyle and crafting blog. With a modern funk and conscious twist, this blog will inspire you to do all sorts of greening creative projects.

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2. Take Notes From The Greening Guru Himself

For the green conscious fellows out there, The Green Living Guy is the perfect blog for you to wrap your head around how to go and stay green. Run by best-selling author, editor and expert on Green-Eco Friendly lifestyles, Seth Leitman, The Green Living Guy keeps you in the loop when it comes to the latest green living news and DIY ideas.

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3. Our Favourite Mommy Blogger

Attention working moms! We have just the blog for you. Momtrepreneur is a mommy blog that covers all aspects of motherhood, including our favourite subject, DIY! Claire Minnaar writes about fun do-it-yourself projects and gives some great eco-friendly ideas you can do with your kids.

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4. This Chick Is Eco-Friendly, For Sure!

If a soulful home is what you want, this blog is sure to help you create it! Eco-chick is a blog focused purely of living green. From DIYing your home to green gifting ideas, you will find all the inspiration you need on this blog.

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