Great garage floors – Do it yourself

As we get into the swing of spring we are all giving our homes a “spring clean”. Let us not forget, however, that the garage is also a part of our home. In fact, if you consider all the other purposes it can serve, other than simply storing the family car, you’ll realise that it’s actually an important part of your home.

Garages can be used as work rooms, craft rooms and storage areas (to name but a few of the many functions that it may be used for). Getting your garage floor looking as good as the rest of the house can be as simple as applying a fresh coat of the proper paint. The important thing is to select the right coating and to apply it correctly for a long-lasting, clean and attractive finish.

Plascon Floor Paint

A freely available product that works exceptionally well is Plascon’s Floor Paint. Plascon Floor Paint is an easy-to-use, environmentally friendly water based formula paint with a satin finish. It is the perfect choice for any concrete surfaces such as patios, driveways, stairs and garage floors. This paint works equally well on interior and exterior surfaces. Plascon Floor Paint is a durable and exceptionally hardwearing product. It is also resistant to water, oil and most household chemicals, meaning your garage floor will be easy to clean and suffer no damage after an accidental spill.


As with any D.I.Y. painting project, preparation is always the key to a successful result. The most important element in this step is to check that all surfaces are dry and firm. When working with a newly laid surface, allow the cement to cure for at least a month before coating. A fair amount of elbow grease is required (as all concrete surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned before painting). Ensure that you have removed any oil, grease or dirt before you begin. Aquasolv Degreaser can be scrubbed into the surface with a hard bristle broom. Always ensure proper ventilation when using this product. After 20 minutes, rinse thoroughly with clean water to remove any loose debris and to wash away the Aquasolv Degreaser. Be patient and allow all surfaces to dry entirely before beginning to paint.

Remember to always stir the paint thoroughly with a flat paddle before and during use. Apply two coats to your prepared surface. You can either use a brush or a roller to apply the paint. A short-pile roller will work best (if you choose to use a roller that is). After washing your roller, dry it thoroughly by spinning it to remove any excess water or dirt that can spoil the finish.

Fast Results

Plascon Floor Paint is water based and will be dry to the touch within about half an hour. This means that you can happily apply a second coat within around two hours. The fast-drying feature will also ensure that the area you are working on will not be out of bounds for hours on end.

Increasing Adhesion

To increase the adhesive powers on the current surface use Plascon Concrete Etcher. Not only is this product safe to use it is also non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Smooth Surfaces

Depending on how your concrete surface was finished you may be working on a very smooth surface. If this is the case prime with Plascon Concrete Floor Prep. Allow this product to dry for at least 2 hours before you begin to apply your floor paint.

No Slipping

For safety purposes, increase the slip resistance of your flooring by adding one scoop of Plascon Grip Additive per litre.

Colour Choices

Plascon Floor Paint has a wide range of paint colour choices available to choose from. Examples of these are Russet, Summer Rain and Terracotta and they come in 5 Litre tins. Consult your nearest Jacks Paint & Hardware store for a colour chart on all the available colours in the Plascon Floor Paint range.

Weather Warning

Do not apply Plascon Floor Paint when surface temperatures are below 10°c or above 35°c.

You will need to find alternate parking for your cars for a short period as it is best not to park on the surface until it is fully cured.

As cartoon classic as it may sound, remember to start from the furthest point and work outwards. Be careful not to paint yourself into a corner!

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