Safety when painting indoors

When painting interior surfaces, it is a relevantly user-friendly activity, if the proper precautions are taken to ensure safety. Painting is the easiest do it yourself project, yet with proper safety guidelines will ensure your project comes off without any mishaps:

  1. Ventilation: Opening all doors and windows, do not let a freshly painted room be occupied by older people, children or pets. Wear a respirator if the area cannot be properly ventilated.
  2. Paint strippers and solvent cleaners: Wear safety goggles, gloves and respirators when using these items. When done using them, store them in a high area not accessible to children.
  3. Drop sheets: Protect floors with cloth drop sheets instead of plastic, especially on slippery areas.
  4. Storage of paint: When storing paint, do not place it near any heat source like heaters or fire places. Never smoke while painting
  5. Ladder safety: Always set legs on an even surface and lock the cross braces. Do not stand on the top of the ladder not on the utility shelf. Do not lean over on a ladder, rather move it closer as it could fall over.


Happy Painting.