Safety when painting outdoors

Painting the exterior of your home can be exciting, yet by following some general safety rules, it could make your project go without any humps or mishaps:

  1. Acknowledge your area: When planning, ask yourself these questions: Are there any power lines close by? How is the landscaping, will it effect your ability to paint? Is there loose gravel that could affect your movement with a ladder?
  2. Ladder safety: when using a ladder outside, always place the ladder as level as possible. If not, have someone assist you by holding it. Always try and have both feet and one hand on the ladder, this would reduce your risk of slipping. If you have power lines running close by, rather invest in a fibre glass ladder than a metal one.
  3. Roof safety: Never climb on a wet roof. If the roof is very pitched, invest in a safety harness to allow complete ease of movement.
  4. Weather: Always check the weather forecast before painting outside.
  5. Sanding surfaces: When sanding, always wear a dust mask and safety goggles, and always wear sturdy shoes when painting outside to prevent you from slipping.

Happy painting