Colour and You

Colour and You

Colour therapy, also knows as chromo-therapy, uses the benefits of different colours and shades to affect your well being. As each colour has a unique light wavelength, the colour therapy principles use the energy of each shade to boost your mental and physical health.

Colour and your body

Chromo-therapy practitioners believe that each colour relates to an area of the body:

Colour and You


Red and pink colours are linked to your blood, circulation and breathing. Use these colours to raise your pulse, blood pressure and the speed that you breathe, and strengthen your veins.

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Yellow is linked to your skin and tissues, mainly your digestive system, metabolism and nervous system. It can be used to strengthen your body, treat asthma and bronchitis, and help with skin problems.

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Green colours have a harmonious, calming effect. Green can be used to fight infection and as an antiseptic.

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Blue also encourages relaxation and calm, so can be used to treat all types of pain (especially stomach and muscle pain) as well as headaches, colds, tension and stress.

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Indigo colours are beneficial for problems with the eyes, ears and nose, while more violet shades of purple with a pink tone can help relax your muscles and nervous system. Violet colours are also useful when meditating.

Colour psychology

Colours can influence how someone thinks, feels and behaves, so we can use colour to boost well being and morale. Using a palette of colours that you resonate with, you’re likely to feel good and help support long-term positive behaviours.

Trust your own colour intuition. Explore the colours you love – you might not know why, but if you love them and they make you feel good then use them. You’ll want different colours at different times of the day and week. We warn you against following the colours your friends use, or which are in fashion – colours are completely personal.

Happy Painting!