Magnetic Paint

Specialty Paints
With all the wonderful advances in paint technology over the years, you now have a huge range of specialty paints available to you to have fun with. Blackboard paint, Sparkle paint, Magnetic paint and Glow-in-the-dark paint are only a few of the amazing and fun products out there waiting to be discovered!

Magnetic Paint
Magnetic primer is a base coat that allows you to turn almost any surface into a resourceful notice board or display area. This paint allows you to hang and display notes, photos and much more in your home or office. You will never need to hunt for that school notice again! Flat or strong magnets with minimal weight adhere best to the treated surface.

Where can I use magnetic paint?
Magnetic paint can be applied to wood or metal surfaces, to drywall partitioning and to masonry. Using this paint gives you an amusing, simple and original way to hang up reminders, photos and children’s artworks. No more damaging the walls with drawing pins, tape or gummy adhesive. Remember though: magnetic paint is an interior paint only.

Important tips:
If at all possible, ask the paint department in your Jack’s Paint and Hardware store to shake the can in their electric shaker before you take it home. If this is not possible it is essential that you stir the paint for around ten minutes until it is a consistent dark grey colour. Apply two to three thinner coats of paint rather than one or two thick coats. Remember: stir your paint regularly during application.

This is always the first step to any successful paint project so start by thoroughly cleaning the surface you’re going to be painting. Remove all loose paint or rust with a wire brush or sandpaper. Wipe away all dust and allow the surface to dry. Tape off the area you would like to paint with low tack masking tape to make it easier to remove once you are finished.
Use a foam roller that is designed to give a smooth finish. Apply the primer in an up-and-down motion. Working the area with a roller will give you the smoothest finish.

The magnetic attraction is far stronger on a smooth surface than on a rough, uneven surface, so be sure to roll it out properly. Once the base coat is completed you can paint over it with any colour acrylic paint. You can even take your display centre one step further and paint over it with blackboard/chalkboard paint.

How long will my magnetic paint take to dry?
Magnetic paint dries to the touch in approximately 15 to 30 minutes and your project can be handled around an hour later. Remember to allow more time for drying in cooler weather. Wait around four hours before applying any form of top coat. Application of more than two coats of top coat will reduce the effectiveness of the magnetic surface.

Simply clean brushes, rollers and hands with soap and water!

If the generally suggested three coats of paint are used, about 1½ m² of area will be covered.

Safety First
No matter what paint you are using; always work in a well-ventilated area. Open all windows and doors to achieve adequate cross-ventilation. Be sure to protect your eyes from unintentional splashes and wear a face mask if the product has strong fumes. If you experience difficulty breathing, leave the area immediately and get some fresh air.

If you should get any of the paint on your skin, simply wash thoroughly with soap and water. Always rather be safe than sorry by keeping the products away from heat and flame.

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