• Panache Polyglo Enamel

    The perfect semi-matt, non-drip enamel choice for your home that is both mar and scratch resistant.

  • Panache Premier Matt

    A premium quality matt acrylic paint choice, suitable for interior and exterior application.

  • Panache Tuffex

    This is a finely textured, exterior paint with an elegant low-sheen finish. It is extremely tough, durable and weather resistant against the harsh South African climate.

  • Panache Vinyl Silk

    Washable and stain resistant, Vinyl Silk is the perfect satin sheen superior finish for all interior and exterior surfaces. COLOUR CARD

  • Panache Water Based High Gloss Enamel

    This is a premium quality water-based enamel which imparts a durable high gloss finish to all interior and exterior surfaces.

  • Panache Water Based Polyglo

    A classic semi-matt, non-drip finish water based enamel that imparts an elegant sheen finish to all interior and exterior surfaces.


  • Artisan Satin Cote

    This resilient formulation is designed to withstand all interior and exterior elements. For an extravagant finish, Satin Cote is the premier choice.

Coverkote Plus

  • Coverkote Plus Acrylic PVA

    An interior/exterior styrene acrylic-based paint with medium durability as a final coat. Good for ceilings.

  • Coverkote Plus Gloss Enamel

    A good quality gloss enamel for use on all interior and exterior surfaces. Covecote Gloss Enamel will leave a brilliant shine on any surface.

  • Coverkote Plus Hi Hiding

    Styrene acrylic based paint for walls and ceilings With a smooth matt finish, this paint is perfect for both interior and exterior use as a final coat with a medium durability. 3 Year quality guarantee.


  • Dulux Acrylic PVA

    A high quality, washable matt finish interior and exterior paint.

  • Dulux Aluminium Paint

    Dulux Aluminium Paint is a general purpose, high lustre paint where aluminium finish is

  • Dulux Quick Dry Enamel

    Dulux Quick-Dry Enamel is formulated for protecting interior and exterior steel surfaces with
    an exceptionally high gloss for a long lasting finish

  • Dulux Rainshield

    Flexible membrane free waterproofing paint for walls and roofs. Dulux Rainshield is a
    membrane free, flexible fibre reinforced waterproofing paint for walls, roofs and parapets.

  • Dulux RG Pilotex

    Rockgrip Pliotex is a exterior , weather resistant, textured matt finish with excellent dirt

  • Dulux RG Soft Velvet

    Rockgrip Soft Velvet is a sheen finishing paint for interior and exterior use.

  • Dulux RG Universal Gloss

    Rockgrip Universal Gloss enamel is a good quality interior/exterior enamel for surfaces
    where a glossy durable finish is required.

  • Dulux RG Wall & Ceilings

    For interior and exterior use. Washable and UV resistant. Water based matt finish

  • Dulux Roofguard

    A superior, durable exterior roof coating with Solarflex properties.

  • Dulux Wallguard

    Durable exterior coating with dirt shedding and mould resistance. Dulux Wallguard is a
    durable exterior suede finish coating with dirt shedding properties and mould resistance.

  • Dulux Weatherguard

    Tough, durable exterior wall coating with Maxiflex texture.

  • Dulux Weatherguard Ultrasmooth

    Dulux Weatherguard Ultrasmooth is a high quality washable, smooth wall finish ideal for exterior use.

  • PearlGlo

    Superior water-based enamel for interior and exterior use.

  • Timbervarnish

    General purpose varnish for interior and exterior use, Woodgard Interior/Exterior Timbavarnish is a general purpose varnish for interior and exterior use.


  • Micatex

    This contains a unique formulation that offers improved water-resistance and protects your walls year after year by filling existing hairline cracks and preventing the formation of new ones.

  • Polvin

    Plascon Super Acrylic Polvin for walls & ceilings is a superior-quality paint for interior and exterior use. This highly durable paint applies easily and dries to a smooth matt finish that is easy to clean with great scrubability. It provides superior hiding and excellent spreadability. This is ideal paint for family rooms, living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, hallways, ceilings and exterior walls. This durable and easy-to-clean matt coating is available in a wide range of UV-resistant colours that won’t fade over time.

  • Velvaglo Water Based

    Plascon Water-Based Velvaglo is a premium quality satin finish non-drip water based enamel for interior and exterior application.

  • Wall & All

    Plascon Wall & All ensures enhanced performance in dirt resistance, water vapour permeability and film elasticity for interior and exterior walls.