• Panache Polyglo Enamel

    The perfect semi-matt, non-drip enamel choice for your home that is both mar and scratch resistant.

  • Panache Wood Primer

    A superior oil-based primer perfect for interior and/or exterior wood work.



  • Wood Sure Deck Wood Sealer

    Nourishing Deck Protector with a low sheen is especially formulated to protect and treat timber decking. This product is hard wearing as well as being both UV and water

    resistant. It penetrates deeply to nourish and protect the timber.

    Re-apply every six months or when necessary.

  • Wood Sure Polyurethane Interior Suede Varnish

    Durable Finish For Interior Wood

    This high quality, hard wearing suede polyurethane varnish has been specifically formulated to provide scratch and water resistant qualities for use on interior and natural wood surfaces. Ideal for use on surfaces such as bar counters, doors, stairs and high traffic areas, leaving a high quality, polished look.

  • Wood Sure Preservative Wood Dressing

    Natural Wood Treatment For All Wood Surfaces

    This high quality, deep penetrating, oil and wax based wood treatment is used to nourish and preserve wood where a natural finish is required. Offers protection from stains and water damage. Ideal for general application in and around the home.

  • Wood Sure Wood Sealer

    Exterior Sheen Wood Sealer

    This high quality sealer and preservative is UV resistant and water repellent, making it ideal for preserving woodwork such as doors, window frames, pergolas, fences and fasia boards. It imparts a natural sheen finish to all wood surfaces and it contains a strong wood preservative to prevent fungus growth and rotting

  • Wood Sure Wood Varnish

    This high quality gloss exterior varnish

    has been specifically formulated to

    provide a durable coating as protection

    from the elements – UV light, moisture

    and sea air. Suitable for use on all types

    of wood which have high exposure to

    natural elements.


  • Dulux Wood Primer

    Oil-based primer for interior and exterior wood surfaces. Dulux Wood Primer is a general
    purpose oil-based primer for interior and exterior wooden surfaces.

  • Timbervarnish

    General purpose varnish for interior and exterior use, Woodgard Interior/Exterior Timbavarnish is a general purpose varnish for interior and exterior use.