Painting Ideas for School Holiday Fun

When school holidays are upon us and are set to last for longer than a week, it really helps to find fun activities that will keep your children busy. Activities such as outdoor play, reading books, watching movies and other games can become tiresome. Get your kids involved in a fun DIY craft activity that will entertain them for hours and give them the chance to add their own touch to their rooms too!

Blackboard Paint

Blackboard paint can make any surface the ideal palette for a chalk-artist’s masterpiece. Our blackboard paint has a perfect writeable and erasable surface, making it fantastic for a grocery list board in the kitchen, a to-do list in the garage and a pretend-school setup in the children’s room. This paint is versatile so you will be able to use it on any smooth surface such as walls, dry-walls, wood, metal, glass and concrete. Have your kids help you choose a wall in their room, or get a large wooden board and paint it with the blackboard paint. A few coats, a very short drying time and they’ll have a chalkboard to draw on to their heart’s delight.

Sparkle or Glitter Paint

A beautiful, fun paint to inspire your little one’s inner artist, sparkle paint is clear with loads of pretty glitter sparkles inside it. Your little ones can have fun painting an item of their furniture with a new sparkly finish, or adding a bit of pizzazz to wall art – such as a princess dress.  Even the trim of a bedroom can get a sparkly finish! Set up a DIY project for your children and have them paint wooden picture frames in their favourite colours, finishing off with a sweep of glitter paint wherever they see fit. Help the kids utilise some of these cute decorating ideas for walls or a piece of furniture and jazz it up with sparkle paint.

Glow-in-the-Dark Paint

Children love this paint, and there is no limit to its uses! You can get really creative and paint a milky way of stars on the ceiling, or jazz up an old picture frame with glow in the dark patterns and even make light switches easier to find in the dark.

Safety First

Don’t forget that children always need adult supervision when using paints and other hardware items. Pop down to your local hardware store and find some goggles, gloves and a ventilation mask if necessary to ensure optimum safety during painting projects.