Painting Your Patio Furniture

Patio furniture is an excellent addition to any outdoor area, offering family and guests somewhere pleasant to relax, read a book and look out over the view or gardens. Your outdoor furniture is regularly exposed to the elements, being beaten by rain, wind and the scorching sun. When your outdoor furniture is losing its aesthetic appeal, you don’t necessarily have to throw it all away and purchase a new set. Most wrought iron, plastic, metal and wooden outdoor furniture can be painted to give it an entirely new look!

Assessing Your Furniture

First you need to determine whether your furniture will be suitable for paint. As mentioned, you can paint over metal, plastic, wrought iron and wood. If you are going to be painting over wood, then it is advisable to sand down the furniture first. Any old, peeling paint on metal or iron furniture should be scraped off for the smooth application of the new paint.

Choosing Your Colours

Here’s the fun part! Fortunately, there are many beautiful paint colours that you can utilise to give your furniture a revamp. If you would like a clean look that can be complemented by colourful or patterned cushions, you can opt for a fresh, clean white. However, there is freedom to be imaginative with colour and you can choose a fresh blue, green or even yellow shade. It all depends on the look you that are going for. Nautical stripes work well for outdoor furniture for a beach house, whilst a strong red can bring a welcome splash of colour to your garden.

Other Tips

As always, paint in a well-ventilated area. If you are sweating and feel that you are getting sunburnt, chances are that it is too hot to paint. If it is too humid whilst you paint, then your finish will not be as smooth. Allow adequate time for your furniture to dry before you use it.