Prettifying Front Doorways

Remember that house on your street with the cute red door? Of course you do! There’s nothing more memorable than a prettified front door. After all, it can often be the only distinguishing factor between your house and all of the other ones that look just like it. Breathe some new life into your front door for a whole new look. The best part? All that you need is some paint, hardware and a bit of elbow grease!

Here’s how…

A new lick of paint can provide your door with a personality all of its own. Here are some steps on how to give your entrance door a great new lease on life:


First of all, you need to choose a colour to your liking. Who cares about the colour of your roof or your interior? Let your imagination run wild when choosing a paint colour for your front door. Turquoise, yellow, black and, of course, red can be fantastic paint colours. However, don’t restrict yourself. You can go as bold as indigo or a bright lime green! The sky really is the limit. Here’s how to paint your front door.

  1. Choose your preferred water or solvent based exterior paint colour.
  2. Clean the door thoroughly, using a pressure wash or a good old-fashioned scrub-down with sandpaper and a course sponge. Any dents or chips can be filled in with putty and then sanded down to a smooth finish once dried.
  3. Open the door, place a drop-cloth underneath it and start painting. Note: A high-quality paintbrush will achieve a better, smoother finish than a roller brush.
  4. Always paint the door panels and mouldings first and then the surrounding door areas.

Note: If you notice any paint drips, wait until the paint has dried, then sand down the dried drips and give it another coat of paint. To avoid paint drips, avoid over-saturating your paintbrush with paint.


Pretty isn’t it? The wreath on the door isn’t a Christmas decoration; it’s one of these extra added touches:

  • A dried flower wreath
    You don’t only have to use dried flowers; you can use grapevines, pine boughs and twigs infused with ferns and dried flowers such as lavender. Use two wire coat hangers twisted into circles as your base, arrange the twigs and decorations around them by intertwining, hammer a nail in your door, hang and voila! A pretty, welcoming wreath for your front door.
  • Plants
    A few pretty plants in pots on either side of your front door will add a nice touch of colour to your exterior.
  • Knock-knock
    With a little bit of hardware and some creativity, you can also install a pretty brass door knocker.
  • Pretty window
    If you’re looking for a big change, consider removing a piece or panel of your door and replacing it with a frosted or stained-glass window (we’ll be doing a tutorial on this soon, so keep your eye on our blog. This can be rectangular, square, circular or oval-shaped and really helps in turning your door into a true statement!



Another cute way in which to dress up your front door is to paint the door frame in a contrasting colour to the door itself. This is a great way to make your front door really stand out! Now that you’re armed with a ton of creative ideas for your door, it’s time to get down to your local Jack’s Paint & Hardware store for all of the paint and hardware that you will need for this exciting DIY project.