Protect your Lungs

DIY home improvement is a relatively safe activity if the proper precautions are taken. It’s also quite rewarding to see all your painting ideas come to life.

Let the Air in

If you listen to basic painting advice, you’ll know that when you’re painting or using any material that generates toxic fumes or dust, you should always ensure that your work area has decent ventilation. Open all windows and doors and put a fan on if necessary. Do not allow anyone to stay in the room you are working in, especially children, people who already have lung problems or even pets.

Don’t Throw Away the Container

Keep solvents in their original containers. These will have written on the label exactly what it contains and will be important in the event of any inhalation problems. Be sure that these containers are sealed and stored away safely when not in use. Always refer to the warnings about ventilation on the labels on items such as cans of pastel fixative, spray varnish and spray mount.

Fire Free

Smoking while painting or standing close to a freshly painted area is a huge “do not do”. No one wants a spectacular pyrotechnical display by mistake! It goes without saying that all containers must be stored away from any kind of heat source.

Dust Buster

If you’re working with solvent-based products, wear an anti-dust mask whilst sanding a surface or a solvent-respirator. These products are inexpensive and readily available. The last thing you want is to be sorry that you didn’t take the time to protect yourself when you could. Be especially wary when refurbishing old buildings that may have asbestos product or lead based paint – both of these are known killers when breathed in.

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