Sparkle or Glitter Paint

Sparkle or glitter Paint is a wonderful special effect paint to use if you are looking to really brighten up a room. All that you need is a fairy godmother-like flick of your magical paintbrush and you will have a fun, sparkly effect right at your fingertips.

What is Sparkle Paint?
Sparkle paint is clear, with visible glitter particles suspended in the paint. It is recommended for interior use only and is not suitable for outdoor use. This special top coat is water based, so clean up is just a splash of water away. Since this product is fast drying, you can add those final touches to your project without lengthy waiting periods between coats.

Where can I use Sparkle Paint?
Sparkle paint can be applied to many surfaces including suitably primed and painted walls, ceilings, plaster, metal or wood. It will add brilliant sparkle to many items in your home including furniture, picture frames, trims, doors and walls. When painting a child’s room – or anywhere else if you are a child at heart – glitter paint is just the thing to add a bit of bling!

Firstly; paint the walls in your chosen colour. Next; add a pretty princess or a Peter Pan mural – take your cue from your child’s favourite movie character. Now all you need is a touch of glitter paint for extra accents on your princess’s dress, maybe on Tinkerbell’s little wings, on the edge of those fluffy clouds to create a silver lining, a sparkly Tiara…. the idea here is to have fun! Have a look around the room – maybe, while you are still busy painting, you might notice that a picture frame can do with a bit of sparkle, an old light switch can get an extended life with a touch of glitter – just let your imagination fly!

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As always, you will need to begin with a clean, smooth surface. Be sure to stir the paint well as glitter particles tend to settle at the bottom of the can. Remember to stir at regular intervals during application. Because glitter or sparkle paint is generally used only on small areas as an accent, a good quality synthetic paint brush is usually all that you will need. One or two coats are all that is required to result in a visible sparkle effect. Do a few thinner coats rather than attempting to rush and applying the paint too thickly as this may result in sagging. Although sparkle paint can be applied over any colour, it shows up best when used over a darker hue.

Safety First
No matter what paint you are using, always work in a well ventilated area and open all windows and doors to achieve adequate cross-ventilation. Be sure to protect your eyes from unintentional splashes and wear a face mask if the product has strong fumes. If you experience difficulty breathing, leave the area to obtain fresh air immediately. If you should get any of the paint on your skin, simply wash thoroughly with soap and water. Rather be safe than sorry by keeping your product away from heat and flame.

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