Stunning Statement Walls

Photo walls

Stunning Statement Walls

Everyone’s talking about statement walls. They are a much easier way in which to make a bold change in your home without drastically changing an entire colour scheme. In addition to this, a statement wall is a great way in which to fill up an otherwise bare space without needing to purchase costly furniture. These walls are also great for expressing your personality, especially since they add a special, whimsical touch to a room. Here are some statement wall ideas and some advice to follow for getting them right:

Photo Wall

Probably the most tried and tested of the bunch, all you’ll need for this one are a ton of your favourite family photos, some DIY hardware and beautiful frames in various shapes and sizes. Wonderful when placed along a staircase, or fantastic as a feature piece above a couch or in your entrance hall, photo walls are a beautiful and easy way in which to create a statement wall.

How to? Simply hang an array of frames on your chosen wall, in any pattern that you wish. Haphazard works well here, as does a uniform style. You can even opt to add decals in beautiful script with quotes about family.

Tip: Not all of your frames on your photo wall need to have photos in them! You can fill block frames with family memoirs such as an heirloom ornament. Have your family members’ names made in wooden letters and dedicate a section of each part of your photo wall to that family member, filled with their photos.

Upholstered Statement Wall

These statement walls are fantastic for adding a luxurious touch to your bedroom, and the best part? They can even double up as a headboard feature! There are specialised pieces of material that can be secured to your chosen wall. Suede makes for an extra elegant touch, although you can also find beautiful pieces of patterned fabric, and ones with a deeper pile for a more extravagant look and feel. Get creative with various fabrics, textures and colours.

How to? You can have fabric measured to the size of your wall and use specialised glue from your local hardware store to secure it, along with using special nailing techniques for around the edges. Otherwise, you can cover up unsightly nails with a pelmet or with pretty knobs. Nowadays, there is even texturised fabric wallpaper that you can purchase in order to create your upholstered statement wall. Looking for a fun and easy twist on an upholstery statement wall? Simply drape large curtains over an entire wall space – and voila! Your very own boudoir of luxury.

Upholstered Statement Wall

Tip: For an elegant, chic and oh-so-modern look, pair black and grey (in various shades) furniture with a statement wall of deep metallic silver, patterned or not; while the rest of the walls are painted in a more muted, lighter grey. For a beautiful upholstered feature headboard, choose a padded look.

Other Ideas

The sky is really the limit with stunning statement walls! Here are some other ideas to inspire you:

  • Chalkboard Wall: Purchase some chalkboard paint at your local Jack’s Paint & Hardware store. Choose a wall in your kitchen and create a wonderful wall for all your scribbles. Write shopping lists, menus and chores. Finally, a wall that the kids are allowed to write on!
  • Paint: Perfect for a statement wall! Choose a bold colour to create a feature wall in any room of the house you choose. Brighten up a plainly painted room with a strong turquoise wall or choose metallic-sheen paint for a super chic look. Get creative and paint some vertical stripes for a nautical appeal using the paint and tape method. Murals are also beautiful – as long as they have been professionally done.
  •  Stencilling: Let’s not forget one of the best ways in which to create a feature wall – stencilling! You can purchase gorgeous stencils in any pattern that you choose. Lace stencilling is a stunning trend and is quite easy to master.

Other Ideas for stencilling walls
You can also roll up your sleeves and get more construction-based in your creation of statement walls by making a feature wooden wall or one with stone cladding. We’ve given you quite a few ways to make stunning statement walls, so what are you waiting for? Pop down to your local Jack’s Paint & Hardware store for all your DIY hardware supplies and paint advice today.


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